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How to learn acting from home in 2021?

How to learn acting from home in 2021?

Nowadays many people are busy in work.  Due to which they do not get a chance to increase their acting skills. In today's time, there will definitely be a question in your mind that how to learn acting sitting at home, today we are going to see the same.

First of all talk about how to learn acting, then you have 5 such ways given below by which you can learn acting.

No one can teach you acting in a day, it takes time. If you want to know the details of acting in Hindi in details, then you can know it today. The more you practice winning, the more you will be able to act better.

Ways to learn acting:

  • Learn acting from home.
  • Learn acting from acting class.
  • Learn acting from theatre.
  • Learn acting from NSD.
  • Learn acting online.
You have come to know the methods, but now it comes to how to learn acting in these ways.  So now we know in detail about the methods of learning acting sitting at home one by one.

How to learn acting from home?

If you do not want to learn acting from an acting school or theater, then you can learn acting by practicing sitting at home.
  1. Practice dialogues.
  2. Learn to do eye contact.
  3. Practice in front of the mirror.
  4. Learn to catch up.
  5. Practice the characters. 
  6. Make an observation.
  7. Practice monologues.
  8. Read acting books.
  9. Practice Navras.
  10. Practice with mobile camera.
If you know the methods, now we will read about all these acting tips in detail.  Which you can understand and practice properly.

Whenever you are practicing a dialogue, try it in different variations.  Meaning you can speak it loudly or you can speak it softly.

By doing this you can improve that dialogue scene and you will understand when to raise the voice and when to lower it.

Your mother-in-law must be in control while speaking the dialogues because if your mother-in-law is not in control, then perhaps you will not be able to speak the dialogues properly.

When you speak a dialogue, it should not happen that at first you spoke very loudly and as you go ahead your voice becomes less and less.

Your last word should also be well understood by the person in front.  Sometimes you must have seen a dialogue or a scene that is shot in a low voice or someone shoots in a loud voice.

Put it in front of the face and take some dialogue and say it.

Then you keep moving your hand slowly back (away) from your face and keep increasing your voice.  Bring the hand closer, keep reducing the sound.

If you start doing this, then you will understand how loudly you have to speak or how slowly you have to speak in the distance.

Learn to do eye contact.

It is very important for you to make eye contact because if you are speaking a dialogue or doing a scene, then you will not have to blink again and again.

If you blink your eyes again and again, it makes the person in front of you feel that you are scared or you do not have confidence.

Look at yourself in the mirror.  You have to look into your eyes not your face and you have to look continuously for about 1 minute.

If you can't see for 1 minute, you can gradually increase your eye contact.

First you see 15 seconds, then 30 seconds after that try to do eye contact while doing 45 seconds like this.

After doing this for a few days, try to make eye contact with a friend or with a family member in the same way.

So that even if you act with another actor whom you do not know, you will still be able to act very well.

Practice in front of the mirror.

First of all, take any dialogue or monologue that you like, which you can speak well.  Look at him in the mirror and start talking.

Slowly start doing it in his emotion, then shoot the same dialogue again with your mobile and watch it in the mobile's camera.

This will give you confidence as to how you are acting.  What are your mistakes and you can rectify them.

Wherever you go to audition, there is a camera and by practicing in this way, if you go to audition, then you will be able to audition very well.

If you are shooting in mobile for the first time, then you may forget some dialogues or may not be able to do some eye contact properly.

But you still have to keep trying again and again until you do not speak the perfect dialogue in mobile without fear, this will increase your confidence a lot.

Learn to catch up.

Means if someone suddenly calls you for an audition and you have no idea what to do.

The one who is auditioning gives you a script, gives you a scene and you have to remember and catch the emotion of it.

So doing it in his emotion has to catch the tone because you do not know what to do and you read any scripts and make the character inside you and express it.

Reading daily is very important for you to catch the tune.  Keep reading any poetry, dialogue, it will help you a lot to do that scene in that emotion.

Practice the characters.

To play different characters, first of all, make a scene as if someone is coming and is telling you something, then how will you respond to it.  How will you respond to someone speaking to you in anger?

If you have a friend, how would you respond to him?  If you have a brother, how will he answer you?  You have to see how someone else will respond to you.

You have to understand the character in different ways, speak it in different ways, show the emotions.  All this is very important because you don't know what kind of character you are going to get.

If you are sitting at home, you can practice holding different characters. You can try many characters by yourself sitting at home. Characterization is very important in Acting.

Make an observation.

To learn acting, it is important to have a strong observation like how someone shows himself while talking and what is going on in the present.

This is necessary so that if you are performing a scene, then understand it closely and then implement it, then you come out naturally.

You must have seen many biopic films in which an actor plays someone else's character in the same way.

In movies like Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, M.S Dhoni and Saina, you must have seen the actor performing as a real character.

So all this happens only from observation, that's why you kept on observing Ajubaju or any character.

Practice monologues.

Monologue makes you better and more confident to perform any scene well.

Monologues are basically Acting Scripts, you use them for practice at home or to be performed in auditions.

To understand in easy language, understand that monologues are a small part of a very big film script.

Practice with mobile camera.

So far you have learned about all the things from which you can learn acting, now it is the turn of implementation in Actual, so that you start acting yourself.

In the beginning, everyone hesitates to act in front of everyone and it is not that you go direct and start acting.

So you have to practice because after all you have to do it in front of the Acting Camera and it will not happen at once.

Those who have a good camera can practice acting directly from the camera, but those who do not have it can also practice with the camera of the mobile.

You kept practicing again and again in front of the mobile camera.  Try some new things every day so that you will be Camera Friendly and able to become Confident.

Practice Navras.

Right now you must be thinking that what is this Navras, then it is very important for an actor to come to this Navras of acting.

Navras means there are 9 Emotions like Khushi Gum, in this way it is 9 and each one is important for Emotion Acting.

These are the Navras in acting and acting is performed with these emotions.  Their practice will further improve your acting skills.

If you want to know more about them, then you can know.  This is most important for your acting.

Acting Tips for Practically

  • Using Expression.
  • Control over Voice.
  • Improve body language.
  • Characterization.
  • Understanding Navras.
  • Perform by observing.
  • Correcting Speech and Diction.
If you bring all these things in regular practice, then you will definitely be able to do great acting and during this it is equally important to have your strong mentality.  For this you must practice meditation.

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