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what is the final act in the making of a film ?


what is the final act in the making of a film ?

The last step in the making of a film is the post-production process. post production

In the process, the work is done after the shooting of the film. Film editing, color-grading,

Used in the final process of visual-effects use, audio editing, filmmaking goes to

The process of film making takes place in three stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production

  • Post production
The pre-production process involves writing the story of the film and storyboarding the film script is done.  Location scouting, casting, all these processes in the pre-production stage of film production itself. becomes prosperous.

Editing is the final act in the making of a film

The last stage of filmmaking is post-production.  This stage includes editing, color-grading of the film, Audio editing is purchased.

what is film editing

When the film comes to shoot, it stays in small sequences and clips.  film editing
In the process, all those clips were put together and the story of the film and its emotion.

Accordingly, audio effects and background music are added and the process is film editing.
Is called

Video editing software is used to do film editing.
Edit audio and background music using separate audio editing software.
is done and then video and audio with the help of video editing software are added together.

If you want to use any scene vfx i.e. visual effects at the time of video editing That too is done.

What is VFX Visual Effects

In film-making if a scene was created with the help of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
If background is to be used, then vfx technique is used in that scene.

At the time of film shooting, such scenes are shot with the help of green curtains and then post-production.
In the phase with the help of visual effects software, the green curtain is removed and the background
CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) background is used.

The help of visual effects technique is taken in all the stunt scenes in the film.
In a scene, if you are jumping from a very high building, then the scene is a little height on the green-curtain.

It is shot by jumping off and for the safety of the actor, the actor is tied with a rope.
Then in post-production the green screen is removed with the help of VFX software and WIRE REMOVAL
The technique is used to remove the rope or wire tied for the safety of the actor. 
Then using the compositing technique, the background created with the help of CGI is added.

When the film is completely edited, then color grading is done.

(color grading) What is color-grading

When the film is shot, there is no color in the image.  That's why the clip of the film and the scene
Color-grading is done to make it cinematic. color grading to color grading tool is used.

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