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What is the production process in film making ?


What is the production process in film making ?

The film is shot in the production process. Preparation for whatever steps are taken in the production process
It's already done during Pre-Production.  On which day the shoot will take place, the list should be prepared in Pre-Production itself.

is missed.  Which actor or actress is shooting in which scene and on which day, it has also been finalized.
happens. The production process consists of preparing the set and shooting the film.

Production Department :


A film director is a person who directs a film. The director controls the artistic and dramatic
aspects of the film.

and guiding its technical people and actors
Visualizes the scene according to the script.
The film director chooses the actors for his film
For which character, which artist should be given a role.

Assistant directors

The main job of an assistant director is to follow the guidelines of the film director.

Also take care of health and safety of cast and crew members and prepare daily call-sheets And updating the director. Assistant Director As an assistant to the main film director.

DOP Director Of Photography

The head of the Department of Camera and Light is called the Director of Photography (DOP).

Cinematographer is also called DOP.  Director Of Photography: It is it who decides which scene of the film will have what light, which camera will be used, which scene will have what frame rate.

DOP is also like a director but is limited to shooting only.

According to how the director is thinking of a scene, to understand that thing and make it.

It is the main responsibility of the DOP (Director of Photography) to take off the screen with the help of the camera.

During the shooting, a lot of things are taken care of like shooting in outdoor, then what will be the lighting, what will be the lighting, keep in mind what kind of scenes are being shot.

According to that, it is the director of photography that decides to choose the lens.

Actor & Actress

Playing a character in a film is called acting.  Means to play any role in the film.

It's called acting.  And the one who acts is called actor or actress. film in production process.

There is a process of shooting that is why it is very important to have actors and actresses in this department. without An actor's film cannot be shot.  

Script supervisor

The job of the script supervisor is to keep in mind the continuity of the scenes of the film according to the script.

holds Makeup, props, hair are all taken care of in the scene so that they match in the sequence of the scene.

should be  Lest the props in one scene disappear from the same location in the next shot.

These mistakes have happened in a lot of movies.  The props that were in the same location in a scene were the next scene.

disappeared in  It is the job of the script supervisor to take care of all these closely. 

Camera operator

The camera operator is inside the DOP (Director of Photography) and his job is to operate the camera.

do The way the DOP advises the camera operator to set the frame, apply the light, Sets up everything related to the camera.  The camera operator is also called the camera man.

Sometimes the camera man, the DOP (Director of Photography) is the same person.  Large production houses These two are different jobs.

Production Process In 3D Animated Filmmaking

Department :

The same if we talk about animation filmmaking then in that production process of live action production process.

differs from  From the characters to the background, to the props, everything is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Everything is prepared with the help of computer software.  

3D Modeling Artist

Background, character, and 3D modeling artist work inside the software Modeling props.

This happens inside the VFX department.  When in the background of a scene, computer generated imagery

If you have to use, this work is given to the 3D modeling artist.  car, that's all If you want to blast it inside the film, then use the 3D model only there.

And this is done by the 3D Modeling Artist. 

Texturing Artist

The Texturing Artist also VFX is done inside the department.  His work 3DModel

One has to do Texturing.  When 3D modeling artist
If it is a model, then it is completely of the color of the soil, there is no color in it.

It is completely without color and it is not known which material it is.

Texturing Artist colors the model and according to the material of which it is model
puts the material  If there is a model of a car or a bus, then the part of it will be of fiber, then there will be fiber.

The material and the part which will be of iron, iron material and color have to be given there and this work
Texturing Artist  is responsible.  

Lighting Artist

Texture Lighting Artist works inside done 3D model
do Daylight have to do  If there is MoonLight  at night then there are such Lighting Tools Lighting is done by using.

3D Model with bulb or Tubelightif it is Installed Lighting Artistthat too can be realistic. All this process happens inside the 3D software itself.  


Animator's job is to do animation.  whatever the 3D model is like car or bus In that if animation is needed ie the  3D  model is moving inside the car scene.

So there is a need for an animator.  Animator itself animation in that object does.

Characters are also animated in a 3D-animated film.  Animator Only is for animation.

FX Artist

What kind of effects are there in the movie if it is computer generated imagery.

So it is prepared by FX Artist.  Smoke, fog, blast, fire all these effects in the film Created by FX Artist with the help of FX software. 


The job of the compositor is to composite the scene.  All the elements of a scene are different

are prepared separately.  The background, props, characters, effects of the scene are all prepared differently.

Then compositing them together and preparing the final scene is the work of the Compositor happens.

Render Artist

The final image or video that will be published is available only after it is Rendered.

Render Artist's work is in 3D or 2D whatever scene or footage in the software.

It is ready to be extracted in video or image sequence by Render. Lastly, there is the job of the Render Artist.

In the production process, the film is shot and the footage is saved in the studio and then

The film goes into the post-production process.

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